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Woke up and the house was 58 bloody degrees Fahrenheit. Turns out that the power went out again at around 0400, after I'd fallen asleep again. Fucking blizzard. Last time I woke up shivering under two blankets, I was in Vermont, in a room where the radiator didn't quite radiate heat. Power just came back on maybe 10 minutes ago; I'm hoping it sticks around. I'm freezing my arse off over here. Hence the lack of eloquence. It's hard to write when you have a metal chassis on your laptop and your fingers are already frozen.

Oh, I did mention an again up there, didn't I? Yeah, power cut out last night. Not sure of the exact time; perhaps someone I was talking to on AIM when it happened can give a more definite answer. Came back... want to say 0200-ish? Yep, somewhen around then.

It's either still snowing or the wind is making snow drift off the rooves and trees around here.

Anyhow, I haven't been around... much at all. I should work on changing that, huh? I know some of you are also experiencing weather issues.

Well, stay warm, y'all.

...Oh bollocks, my paid account expired.

Ah well; I hardly use this thing. Maybe when I do and thus can justify the expense...
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