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This is also probably going to land me in Hell... but at least I'll be warm!

Oh holy shit
It's really fucking snoooooooowing
I cannot see the yard for all the snow
There sits my car
In a snowdrift that is grooooooowing
Does it matter? There is no place to go

It's really cold
And I hate being stuck inside
I hope that our
Power will stay oooonnnn

Little flakes,
Somewhere else
If you please

O whyyyy can't I
Live in another state?
Further noooooooorth
Where they
Can handle snow

We now return you to your regularly scheduled f-list. Thank you, and good day.


Friday, 10 July 2009 18:10
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Things learned from [ profile] metaquotes: How to type in all caps without using capslock. Muahahahaha! I haz teh power of small caps. For those of you interested in sharing this power, simply type <span style="font-variant: small-caps;">Insert text here.</span>
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Since my last post didn't seem to garner many responses, (although it's here for those who need to read the rules or would like to participate,) I'm going to move on to my next question.

Please familiarise yourself with the rules if you're new to this discussion.

What are your issues with Sarah Palin being our next Vice President?

Issues may be problems you have or things you think are wonderful about her. I just couldn't think of a better way to phrase this. Also, no discussion of her as President. Leave McCain's mortality out of this.

Hey, flist?

Wednesday, 15 October 2008 21:41
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Can we be reasonable, rational human beings when it comes to politics?

I think we can. No, scratch that. I know we can.

Right now, there's a big election coming up for us Americans. And honestly? I have a lot of questions I'd like answered. So, hopefully we can be civilised while I get these questions answered.

Here's how it goes. I'll be making a public post every couple of days, with one of my questions. Anyone can participate. You can even send your friends over here to participate. However, there will be ground rules.

1./ There will be no insults thrown. This applies to your fellow commenters AND to the politicians. For those of you who need specific examples, there is to be no mention of "kool-aid" in reference to either party (unless we're actually discussing kool-aid), there will be no comments like "Grumpy McSame" or "Osama bin Biden", and there will definitely be NO calling anyone a cunt. We're going to be respectful here.

2./ Please make ONE point per comment. You may have a lot of answers. However, I like things organised. So, if I ask a question you can give a lot of different responses to, please leave each point as a separate comment. For example, if I were to ask "What do you like about chicken noodle soup and why?" and your answer is "the chicken and the noodles", you would leave two separate comments; one about the chicken, and one about the noodles.

3./ If someone's already made the point you wanted to make, please just continue in the thread they started. I think this one explains itself.

4./ Anyone is free to express their opinion in any thread they desire. Please keep opinions/comments related to the thread at hand, however. The corollary to this being that if you don't like someone's opinion about a candidate, calling them racist or misogynist is not the way to go. I don't tolerate pointless bandying about of the race or sex card. That, and it falls under Rule 1.

5./ Opinions are opinions, not facts. If it's your opinion, you don't need to back it up. Just realise I will ask WHY you think that way. Also realise someone may have facts that run contrary to your opinion. If you tout something as fact, I will demand proof. Take as long as you need to find proof. I won't rush you, so long as you don't rush me. Same applies to everyone else.

6./ Celebrities are neither political nor legal experts. So I'd be very careful bringing any actors or musicians into this.

Breaking these rules will result in frozen threads, banned users, and possible deleted comments if the comment is THAT offensive. Also, this is my personal blog, so if I say the discussion is over, it is over. You can carry it on in your blog, you can IM eachother about it, knock yourselves out, but don't let it continue in my blog.

THAT business out of the way, I have my first question.

Why should I vote for Obama?

Jesus H. Christ

Wednesday, 6 August 2008 02:02
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Allow me to rant. It's my journal, I'll say what I want to.

A certain person is pissing me off. Cynthia, to be precise. I'll use her real name because she prefers people using it as opposed to calling her Moon, and I actually respect people's preferences to what they want to be called.

She seems to not get the hint that I don't like being called by my real name. I don't like it. Bird will suffice just fine, thank you, and I don't enjoy having to ask repeatedly, then TELL repeatedly, that I would prefer to be called something other than my real name. Hell, if she wanted to, she could call me "Crazy Nazi Bitch Mod" or something like that. I wouldn't like it, but at this point all I'd really like is for her to cut it the fuck out with my real name.

Actually, I'd also like for her to cut it the fuck out with calling me a Nazi. Sorry, I don't go around euthanising the crazies and Jews, and locking up the people who disagree with me. Actually, truth be told? If I lived in Nazi Germany, I'd probably have been killed. So calling me a Nazi doesn't sit well with me.

Yes, good communities encourage discussion. Good mods, depending on the community, discourage wank. You want a wank free-for-all, I really recommend [ profile] stupid_free or a similar comm. In fact, right now there's some delicious wank about what it means to be racist and who can be racist. I modeled my moderation style after some of my favourite mods. Mods who will put up with dissent, but won't tolerate outright wank. Shockingly, the only people who have problems with that tend to be the people who think they're so special that the rules should be enforced on anyone disagreeing with them, but when the rules are used against them, then the mods are being pointless and arbitrary with their rules. I've seen it plenty of times before as a casual viewer of a comm.

You know, I should be the better person and just drop this. Except really. She's all sweetness and thanks and such in her public posts, but the moment she thinks I won't find out what she's saying about me, it's back to the old using my name and calling me immature and a Nazi!mod.

Edit: Yes, I'm aware this may not be the most mature way to go about expressing my frustrations and I should just let sleeping dogs lie, but she's not being the paragon of adult behaviour either. Besides, I could do a whole lot worse.
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Let's break LJ! :D

Keep commenting until it won't let you comment anymore.

^__^ Say whatever you please, I don't care. Argue politics; religion; the meaning of life, the universe and everything until you're blue in the face. Post macros. Song lyrics. Internet meme me to death. Don't say anything at all. Morse code is welcome. Foreign languages are welcome.

Have at it. This is a free for all.


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