An open letter

Wednesday, 25 November 2009 14:53
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Dear Unconscious Mind,

You and I both know the glasses go in the same place every damn night so we can find them the next morning. Therefore, why did you find it appropriate to not only place them three feet away from their same damn place, but to then forget about it, so I spend half an hour this morning trying to find them in the usual spot and where they could have fallen from the usual spot, then an hour fussing with contact lenses, then the past two (almost three) wearing the horrid things from boot camp that make my eyes hurt a little and do NOTHING to help my headaches?

Not funny. Next time you think it's a great idea to send me to sleep five hours earlier than you've been, please warn me so I can put our glasses away and not you.

Not so much love right now,

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Right, for those of you who missed it... here ya go. Have at it, and return here when you're done.

... *checks watch* *drinks coffee* *downs some more cold medicine*

Huh? Oh, good, you're back.
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Dear Ramen Companies,

Why did you stop making French Onion flavour ramen? I loved it. It was my all time favourite. Tasted just like french onion soup, only without the cheese and bread (which I always found a bit icky) and with tasty noodles that absorbed the flavour. I haven't seen the stuff since I was 12. I miss it.

Lime Shrimp, whilst lime-y deliciousness, is not a substitute. I will never love it the way I did French Onion.

Why do you break my heart so?

In need of onion broth and ramen noodles,


Open Letter

Tuesday, 4 September 2007 21:40
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Dear Head,

Why do you hurt so? I was really kind of used to the whole "No more headaches" deal after my concussion. It was nice. So why have my migraines returned? I would like to stay up, but the drugs are making it difficult. We shall see if I'm conscious later. For now, the click of my keyboard is causing a pain only slightly less than that which occurs when I rest my head on a pillow. And that's a pretty severe sort of pain.

Speaking of which... My feather pillow, as old and raggedy and featherless as it is compared to the other feather pillows I own, has been my one source of headache comfort since I was little. It used to be my brother's, but he gave it to me when I was a baby. So, Head, I ask you this: Why, oh WHY are you messing with my comfort items?! Leave my pillow alone; it has done you no wrong! (Neck, on the other hand, has had many a reason to gripe as of late.)

No love right now,


(no subject)

Friday, 31 August 2007 07:01
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Dear Self,

Damnit, stop falling asleep in the middle of things!

No Love,



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