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Tribble Got Smarts by Bird Bored-A-Lot

Run while you still can... )

Right... I think that's enough for one night. >_> I'm scaring myself
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HAHA! Done with my BbC fic! I hope my recipient enjoys reading the fic as much as I enjoyed writing the fic. ^_^ *bounces excitedly* *cannot wait for all the wonderful fic to be posted*
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1./ Look on DeviantArt for inspiration. Well, unless I'm looking for inspiration on snark and What Not To Do When Cosplaying Harvey "Two-Face" Dent.


I do not think Harvey Dent would be pleased to see what these people are doing. In fact, I'm sure he'd be glad to let Two-Face kill them all with a coin-flip for HOW they die, not IF they die.

I just want to injure idiots like these. It already sucks enough to be Harvey Dent. Do you have to make it suck even more by having him be your inspiration for FAIL?

And I'll change all the direct links into images hosted on my Photobucket when I remember my damn password. ><;;;
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[22:37:35] [ profile] themearas: I think Harvey's in Arkham :\ his 'death' ? not even convincing
[22:37:55] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Yeah, but Eckhart says he was told that Dent was dead
[22:38:02] [ profile] alouette_sparra: So he wouldn't be in the next film
[22:38:39] [ profile] themearas: Well...I think Eckhart is a L-I-A-R~!
[22:38:40] [ profile] themearas: lol
[22:38:59] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Personally, I hope all of this is just to get everyone thinking "Oh, no Two-Face" and then there's just this ominous PING and someone dies, and then Two-Face is all "HAI U GAIZ~! GUESS WHOZ BAK?"
[22:39:20] [ profile] themearas: lulz
[22:39:27] [ profile] alouette_sparra: And Batman and Gordon are all "WTF?! You should be in Arkham!"
[22:40:13] [ profile] alouette_sparra: And Two-Face is all "LOLNo. I pwnd those stupid doctors and guards. With my bare hands. Because I'm THAT awesome."
[22:41:22] [ profile] alouette_sparra: In the background, I'm thinking Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back". For a touch of irony. >>
[22:41:39] [ profile] alouette_sparra: OH GOD THE CRACK FUZZIES ARE EATING MY SOUL
[22:42:01] [ profile] themearas: XD
[22:42:11] [ profile] themearas: >:3 *cheers them on* >>
[22:42:42] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Oh, you WOULD cheer them on.
[22:42:47] [ profile] themearas: XD of course
[22:43:08] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Okay, so we have "Sexy Back" playing.
[22:43:51] [ profile] themearas: lol I think somebody should make a video of Bruce/Harvey, set to Avril Lavinge's song 'Girlfriend' set from Bruce's POV
[22:44:15] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Which is entirely appropriate, because Two-Face is a BAMF and entirely sexy (so long as you're into serious physical deformations caused by copious quantities of petrol and FIRE, or very good at ignoring half of someone's face... maybe with strategic lighting...)
[22:44:27] [ profile] themearas: ROFL
[22:44:40] [ profile] alouette_sparra: ANYHOW.
[22:45:37] [ profile] alouette_sparra: I firmly believe 'Girlfriend' must be playing in the background when Bruce and Harvey meet for the first time post-burnination with Brucey not as Batsy.
[22:47:17] [ profile] alouette_sparra: And they totally picked the wrong song for every Harvey and Bruce interaction after that first bit of sex eyes. Especially with Rachel present. They really needed Ashlee Simpson's "Boyfriend" playing. Bruce? SO stole Rachel's boyfriend. He'll never admit it though, because he's a good guy vigilante.
[22:47:23] [ profile] alouette_sparra: BUT I DIGRESS.
[22:48:38] [ profile] alouette_sparra: So, once Two-Face shows up and shows off his BAMFness, we need drama. Okay, like, I dunno, he knows the coin came up heads when he flipped it for Gordon's son, so he's done that avenue. But he also knows it came up Kentucky Fried Coin side for Batman, and Batman is still alive and kicking (likely literally kicking by this point).
[22:48:54] [ profile] alouette_sparra: So he needs to try and kill Batman.
[22:49:36] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Meanwhile, Bruce is trying to get him to have his face fixed and seriously talk to a psychiatrist for longer than "Heads, you live. Tails, I use your own damn pen to kill you."
[22:49:57] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Or maybe the desk or cushy couch all psychiatrists seem to have.
[22:50:07] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Death by cushy couch. What a way to go.
[22:50:44] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Police Report: "Cause of death: overly plush and comfortable couch. Body is in autopsy. Couch is now in the mayor's office."
[22:51:02] [ profile] alouette_sparra: "Damn, that's one comfortable couch."
[22:51:42] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Okay, so, you know, it only takes so long before you realise that the guy you are secretly mancrushing on is hiding a lot of things. Like where he got his scars from.
[22:51:57] [ profile] alouette_sparra: It's like he's the Joker. No one knows where the scars are from but him.
[22:52:21] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Also, Harvey totally killed the Joker back in Arkham when he realised he'd been played like a fiddle. BAMF. Remember that.
[22:52:31] [ profile] themearas: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[22:52:47] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Okay, you ARE still alive
[22:53:13] [ profile] themearas: XD yes
[22:53:20][ profile] themearas: I'm just reading all this and lolling
[22:53:37] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Now, I think I was trying to put in some plot development between the sex eyes...
[22:54:43] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Okay. We have Harvey all, "WTF, Bruce? You're all sneakinz around and havin suspicious scars. I'M THE TRAGICALLY SCARRED ONE IN THIS RELATIONSHIP."
[22:54:45] [ profile] alouette_sparra: ...
[22:55:06] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Scratch that last line. Too open about the relationship. Fanboys would never accept it.
[22:56:01] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Change to "I'M THE TRAGICALLY SCARRED ONE IN THIS ENTIRELY PLATONIC ACQUAINTANCESHIP *winkwinknudgenudgesexeyeswhicharekindofcreepygiventhelackoflefteyelid*
[22:56:03] [ profile] alouette_sparra: "
[22:56:48] [ profile] alouette_sparra: And Bruce is all, "You no like? What are you dense? Are you retarded or something? I'm the Goddamn Ba-RUCE WAYNE. >> GTFO."
[22:57:09] [ profile] alouette_sparra: So Harvey leaves and now he's pissed at Batman AND Bruce.
[22:57:23] [ profile] alouette_sparra: And Bruce is like, "Ohshit. Fucked that up."
[22:58:11] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Harvey kills some corrupt policemen or hospital workers or something. Therapy you know. Cheaper than seeing psychiatrists and killing them with their cushy couches. Just pay the price of bullets.
[22:58:28] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Maybe taxi fare too.
[22:59:03] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Flip the coin at the end of every ride though. Gives the driver good reason not to run screaming about who the fuck he's driving around. Either that or he's dead, and dead men tell no tales.
[22:59:54] [ profile] alouette_sparra: So Bruce is all "Shitshitshit, I’ve sent him on a coin-flipping rampage. And he got a gun. And bullets. And taxi fare. Where's my wallet, Alfred?"
[23:00:23] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Two-Face has no problems spending Bruce's money to fuel his coin-flipping rampage, for the record.
[23:02:10] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Well, now Bruce has got to go all batshit on Harvey... er... Two-Face... er... MR TRAGICALLY SCARRED FACE MAN DENT. Literally. Cause he's Batman and... okay, bad joke. Am not Joker. People will not laugh at my bad jokes to keep me happy because I won't kill them if I'm not happy
[23:02:33] [ profile] alouette_sparra: So! He goes after Two-Face, and does many heroic things to stop him.
[23:03:00] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Also, this is all happening on Tuesday, February 22nd. Because I said so. In ode to some of the campier comic books and cartoon episodes.
[23:04:38] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Especially none of those zebra striped and hot pink and leopard print messes.
[23:05:05] [ profile] alouette_sparra: And this movie will now be interrupted by hungreh hungreh lolkittens. Please enjoy your popcorn during the intermission.
[23:05:14] [ profile] alouette_sparra: If the lolkittens don't eat it first.
[23:06:05] [ profile] themearas: ...
[23:07:00] [ profile] themearas: Well.
[23:07:10] [ profile] themearas: I might have to save up my money for that.
[23:08:07] [ profile] themearas: >>
[23:08:53] [ profile] themearas: "Shitshitshit, I’ve sent him on a coin-flipping rampage. And he got a gun. And bullets. And taxi fare. Where's my wallet, Alfred?"
[23:08:58] [ profile] themearas: LMAO
[23:15:42] [ profile] themearas: win
[23:15:49] [ profile] themearas: :-( I know, I iz boring
[23:25:33] [ profile] alouette_sparra: No, I had to try and convince the runt to eat
[23:25:34] [ profile] alouette_sparra: sorry
[23:25:52] [ profile] themearas: it's okay
[23:25:55] [ profile] themearas: what runt?
[23:26:06] [ profile] alouette_sparra: runt kitten :<
[23:26:12] [ profile] alouette_sparra: She's like half the size of her siblings
[23:26:21] [ profile] themearas: D: oh noez...
[23:26:24] [ profile] themearas: poor kitteh D:
[23:26:42] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Mmhmm... So, we got her kitten milk supplement to try and get her to at least drink nutrients.
[23:27:11] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Anyhow, we were talking movie that you'd save up money to see. Obviously this idea is win
[23:28:03] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Now, the main problem is, how do we wrap up all this plot? I mean, Batman could just prove he's as much as a BAMF as Two-Face and send him back to Arkham... but he already got out of there once. With his bare hands and a silver dollar.
[23:29:01] [ profile] themearas: Uh...
[23:29:02] [ profile] themearas: Hm.
[23:29:24] [ profile] alouette_sparra: He could reveal himself to be Bruce Wayne. Fifty-fifty chance of Harv coming to his senses and realising that his lover... er... BEST PLATONIC ACQUAINTAINCE EVAR really does care about him and really was upset about Rachel and did his best to keep the Joker's plot from going through.
[23:30:31] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Or, he could pretend that he feels that way and then during teh buttsex... I mean, MANLY MALE BONDING OF MANLINESS... WITH MORE TESTOSTERONE 'CAUSE IT'S NOT MANLY ENOUGH... totally be all, "Heads, I let you live long enough to come. Tails..."
[23:30:39] [ profile] themearas: ROFL
[23:30:42] [ profile] themearas: XDDDD
[23:30:52] [ profile] themearas: ..I really wish this would happen
[23:31:42] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Of course, third answer being they both die. Like Romeo and Juliet. LIKE MANLY MALE PLATONIC ACQUAINTANCES WHO ARE MANLY MEN OF MANLINESS.
[23:31:52] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Gotta remember to keep the fanboys happy
[23:31:58] [ profile] themearas: But of course :3
[23:32:18] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Except now Two-Face is unhappy because it's an odd number of solutions. He prefers even numbers. They're more fair and balanced.
[23:33:02] [ profile] alouette_sparra: I would like to remind our dear Mr TRAGICALLY SCARRED FACE MAN DENT that technically, the second answer is two answers, so I needed a third to have four answers, thus, the even number is preserved.
[23:33:37] [ profile] alouette_sparra: And now he's flipping his coin to see if he just gets a headache from that sentence or if he inflicts his headache on me. Talk about indecisive.
[23:33:54] [ profile] alouette_sparra: OW! FRICKEN SILVER DOLLAR! DON'T FLIP IT AT MY HEAD!
[23:34:02] [ profile] themearas: OO
[23:34:16] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Okay, the crack fuzzies have landed and eaten my soul AND BRAIN.
[23:34:21] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Anyhow.
[23:34:46] [ profile] alouette_sparra: With a few revisions, I think this could be a viable plot idea to send to Messrs Nolan.
[23:35:19] [ profile] themearas: Meh :\ Nolan.
[23:35:43] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Oh, icky band person?
[23:35:58] [ profile] alouette_sparra: Oh, mind if I post our little third movie convo on my LJ?
[23:36:10] [ profile] themearas: Yes :\ icky band person
[23:36:13] [ profile] themearas: lol go ahead XD
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He's his own Vice President
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Thank you, Anonymous at [ profile] fandomsecrets. I do believe you've just ruined my favourite fandom for me.
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Normally I dislike watching movies I enjoyed as a child. They rarely seem to withstand the test of time and remain as awesome as they seem in my memory. The special effects seem cheesy and dated, the plot is boring and I tune out during some scenes because they annoy or fail to hold my interest. Simply put, it's very rare that I continue to like a movie after rewatching it years later.

Yet, today I found myself glued to the telly when Apollo 13 came on AMC. I don't know why I decided to finally watch it again, but I'm glad I did. It's just as epic and breathtaking as it was when I was younger, and quite frankly? Even knowing exactly what happened, I was still biting my nails during some scenes, wondering if they were really going to make it or if they'd die. It's really a great piece of cinema that still grips you like that no matter how many times you see it.

Even my mum thinks it's a great movie, and she was almost nine when the events actually happened.

I can't believe it took me so long to rewatch it, really. I could go on and on about what makes it such a fucking awesome movie, but I doubt anyone wants to hear me geek about cinematography and scripting and suchlike.

All I know is this: I NEED THAT SOUNDTRACK.

Also, go watch Apollo 13. Now. I'll wait for you. Go. Watch. Now.
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Turns out she was pregnant. Just gave birth today, in fact.

So I now have seven cats in this house.

God help me when the baby kittens get old enough to move around...

That said, for those of you who care about the details of the birth:

Five kittens. One a definite calico, one that looks mostly black and white but may yet be calico, two grey tabbies, and one orange tabby. And they all fit in the palm of my hand, and I'm a little worried because Audrey did not freak out when I moved the kittens away from the door she gave birth next to. Aren't mommy cats supposed to not like people touching the newborns?
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Let's break LJ! :D

Keep commenting until it won't let you comment anymore.

^__^ Say whatever you please, I don't care. Argue politics; religion; the meaning of life, the universe and everything until you're blue in the face. Post macros. Song lyrics. Internet meme me to death. Don't say anything at all. Morse code is welcome. Foreign languages are welcome.

Have at it. This is a free for all.


Monday, 9 June 2008 01:09
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There are days, most days, when I am proud to be a relatively conservative, traditional Catholic.

And then there are days where I am ashamed to be even Christian because of such WONDROUS pages as this one.

Reading that page, as well as it's related ones, have made me angry beyond words. That is the sort of misinformation that leads people to believe the Church is misogynistic and all for men ruling everything and women being silent little servants to the whims of men. In actuality, it is INCREDIBLY misandrist in it's translation of everything being, "Oh, women must always think of the poor, weak men and how they will be driven to lust at the mere sight of a woman!". Fuck. That. Shit. Men are just as responsible for their thoughts and deeds as women are. Likewise, women aren't so bloody special that a man dressed immodestly won't incite feelings of lust in them. I think that pisses me off the most; the implication from the author of this page that it is only women who must concern themselves with modest dress because they incite the men to lust, and that it isn't possible for it to be the other way around.

Ask me how often I have heard a woman being muttered about in church for wearing a sleeveless dress that is otherwise quite modest and dignified, yet there are no complaints about the men who wear shorts and t-shirts beyond that their clothing is perhaps too casual and they should wear a dressier shirt? Just ask.

Can you say double standard?

While you're at it, you can ask me about sports at school, and how all the men were "allowed" to practise in shorts that were practically falling off their hips and no shirts whatsoever, yet girls would get yelled at for wearing a tank top to practise in. I can tell you that the girls were too busy cat-calling the boys to practise much, and when the girls finally were allowed to wear tank tops for practise? Not ONE of the boys commented on it. In fact, the boys rarely made untoward comments to the girls when they were dressed for sports practise, and when one coach required the boys to wear shirts and properly fitting shorts at practises? The girls stopped objectifying them and cat-calling.

Certainly women do need to be responsible with their dress. However, men have that SAME responsibility to dress modestly. If they cannot take it upon themselves to dress in a manner dignifying themselves, then who are they to decry a woman for dressing even slightly immodestly? If Church leaders will not impress upon men that they too ought to dress in a modest manner, then they ought to shut up about how women dress and how it is the fault of women that society is going down the drain. If they claim that men and women are equal in Christ, then should the standards not be equal as well? A woman is only more sacred than a man in that a woman has the possibility of bringing a child forth into the world. Beyond that, a woman is a human being, a woman is fallible, and it should not be the responsibility of woman alone to make sure a man does not think sinful thoughts. There are men out there who, no matter HOW a woman is dressed or how she conducts herself, will think sinful thoughts about women. Likewise, there are women who will think sinful thoughts about men no matter what the man does or wears.

There is a good reason why there are those who proclaim Christianity as being degrading towards women. When you have many men interpreting Scripture to only apply modesty towards women and make it the job of women to control men's thoughts, it IS degrading to women. It also degrades men. It is worth noting that Jewish and Muslim culture enforce modesty for BOTH sexes, yet modern Christianity is peculiarly focused on women and their modesty at the expense of male modesty. In fact, another point worth mentioning is that even the same Christians who decry the Taliban and similar extremist regimes for forcing an extreme standard of modesty upon women, yet allow a relaxed amount of modesty for men (although nowhere near as relaxed as in modern Christianity), as being sexist and extremely misogynistic for placing sole responsibility on the woman for a man's actions will then turn around and expound at length on how women must be modest in attire whilst ignoring that the same Scriptures can and indeed DO apply to men as well.

Of course, no discourse on female modesty can go by without bringing up the fact that women ought not to wear pants or similarly "male" attire. Yet those same Christians who insist women not wear pants lest it bring about the downfall of society because men do not respect women anymore seem to have absolutely no complaints about the kilt, for example. And what is the kilt but a skirt? Yes, there is the tradition behind the kilt of being a man's article of clothing, however, that is besides the point. It is still, fundamentally, a skirt. Likewise, at the time the Bible was being written, both men and women wore the same basic style of clothing. Robes, tunics, that ilk. The difference between the clothing was a matter of cut, decoration, and such. Even in modern times this holds true. Is not the cut, fabric, and decoration for a men's dress shirt different from a women's, even if they are both long-sleeved buttondown shirts? Is not the cut of a kilt different from the cut of a knee length A-line skirt? As such, it stands to reason that pants can be worn by women, it is just more proper that they be of a different styling than men's pants.

I will say now that I do not tend to wear women's clothing as it is all too often ill-fitting or too revealing for my body, and that I really can't afford to tailor all my clothes to fit right, so it is just simpler to buy men's clothing. Is this proper? I would say that it is better to be modest than it is to be concerned about the exact cut of clothing.

The argument concerning pants then leads to the argument that men do not respect women who wear pants. I suppose men who hold views as I have decried and argued against in this rant would not respect a woman in pants, yet the majority of men I know respect me MORE when I am wearing pants and work shirts than when I wear skirts and pretty blouses. Certainly it surprises them to see me dressed in a more feminine manner, but I am treated no differently when I dress in a very feminine manner than when I dress in a more masculine manner. In some instances, I am treated BETTER when I dress in a masculine manner as I am not subjected to comments on how "sexy" I look and how I have such a "lovely hourglass figure". Those comments have come not when I am wearing a relatively tight fitting women's polo shirt and low-rise jeans, but when I am wearing an Air Force Class A uniform with the skirt instead of pants. Essentially, I am wearing a wool suit. Such comments come far less frequently when I wear male clothing.

The males in question who made such comments about me in both a suit and in male clothing support my belief that there are men out there who simply will not respect a woman no matter how she is attired. Such men should still be treated courteously and attempts should be made to correct their disrespectful view of women (as indeed should such views of men be corrected when held by women), yet the fact that there are men who are disrespectful no matter what should not mean that women should not wear pants or suits. Again, I point to the fact that I receive far less disrespectful comments when in more masculine attire.

Anecdotal data aside, in the end it simply comes down to how a person acts. Men do not respect women just because they wear dresses. They respect women who have respect for themselves. This is why I am treated more respectfully in male attire than some of my female peers are when dressed in female attire. I respect myself. I do not let people push me around and lord their strengths over me. I stand my ground. I act in a fashion appropriate to the situation, yet do not compromise on my morals or myself. I do not pander to anyone's sensibilities.

The entire point of modesty in attire is as an outward display of self-respect. Indeed, it is those with the MOST self-respect who dress modestly, not because of any Scripture or law but because they CHOOSE to. Part of gaining self-respect is to control how you are perceived by others, and modest attire is an easy way to begin creating more positive perceptions. This was recognised by the writers of the Bible because it is a natural law, something fundamental across all cultures that, whatever their idea of proper attire, one ought to wear that as respect for the self and the creator(s).

All considered, I'm sure it's plain to see why that page got my goat. It simply perpetuates some very sexist notions that I would like to think, as a society that recognises more and more the equality granted to the sexes by God (whether society recognises God or not is not the point), would be considered outdated and receiving of much scorn and contempt. Yet these notions are perpetuated by the same people who scorn more extreme versions of the same notions in other cultures.

Really, this is a case where it is plain to see men and women are equal (yet different, and such differences should be respected, but that's another rant entirely), and should be held to the same standards wherever applicable.

Now, don't get me started on contraception. Or the overemphasis on the headship of men. Or women in the military, particularly when discussed by those who have no freaking idea.

Crochet Lace, Pt. 1

Saturday, 24 May 2008 02:16
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Right, so... eight total hours and that damn hank of laceweight still isn't fully wound.


That out of my system...

There's no need to read beyond this point. These are notes for myself. )
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I once saw an icon of a cute little chibi Dalek.

Can any of you find it?

If not, or if it's not available for public use, just a cute Dalek icon in general?

This post brought to you by Dalek love and carbonated yogurt.
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Ever have the utterly irrational and implausible feeling that no matter what you do and how hard you try, everyone and everything is passing you by and you're just sitting there, static and unchanging?

Ever just want to yell and scream and push people away over stupid shit like saying "Oh?" in response to something you've said?

Ever get the even more irrational and in fact impossible feeling that God/the universe hates your guts and is just continuing your existence for the lols?


Wednesday, 2 April 2008 17:35
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How many people reading this are familiar with the CG animation show ReBoot?

...Okay, good, put your hands down/stop nodding/enough with the "Me! Me!"/quit shaking your head "no"/please don't give me that confuzzled face.

Right. Now, out of those of you who know what I'm talking about:

ReBooted Band of Brothers, y/Y/FY!!! ?


Tuesday, 1 April 2008 02:06
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Dear [ profile] theartisan7,
I don't really know how to tell you this, but our horoscope doesn't match. I think I realized it when I threw up in your apartment, and I saw you pull the clothes off Bill Clinton. I'm sure you're cowardly enough to understand that Extreme Home Makeover sucks. I'm returning your ring to you, but I'll keep the oil stocks as a memory. You should also know that I never will forget to ruin the second world war.

Your everlasting enemy,

Read more... )
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You didn't read it here first if you're friends with [ profile] iamstillthemoon, but apparently being extremely upset about something that happens on LJ is equal to injuring yourself to gain attention!

Apologies for those on the f-list who dislike all-caps, but I think the title needed it.

Have a squee...

Wednesday, 19 March 2008 23:53
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Love Pistols.

Most adorable yaoi crack ever.

A+++ Would actually purchase my own copies.

*resumes reading and squeeing over the adorable that is Norio and Kunimasa* *thinking how much more adorable it would be to have Evans and Sobel in a similar position and oh, then we can have Winters and Nixon, and Speirs and Lipton...*


Tuesday, 18 March 2008 21:41
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I should not read about time travel and the physics of it before going to bed. Nor should I read science-fiction stories relating to time travel before going to bed. Also, time travel paradoxes are right out as acceptable bed time reading.


Can't sleep. Time will eat me.
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post your entries wherever you want, and just put a link in the post i'll be making to-morrow for entries.

oh, and for those of you wondering why i haven't been capitalising lately... *resumes trying to get whatever is keeping the shift key up out from under the shift key*

*grumbles about how ctrl-v is annoying enough for symbols, much less capital letters*

my weekend

Sunday, 16 March 2008 13:11
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whilst not quite made of win, has been pretty decent.

yesterday, as at least a few of you knew, was drill team practise. we started working on our innovative drill.

for those of you not in the know, innovative drill is a drill routine made up by the team (supposedly. it is typically the adult coach who makes it up) that incorporates standard drill procedures in a creative and visually appealing fashion. think about the marine corps silent drill team or the air force honour guard, only with less rifles and bayonets.

out of what so far spans five pages, we got to the end of page three, which accounts for a little over a minute of drill. i have no doubt that, as we need to have a performance three to five minutes long, there will be closer to nine or ten pages when the whole thing is completed. it might not get much longer, though, if it's mostly marching commands. the first minute is more stationary drill than anything.

my run time has dropped two minutes... which is decent, except i need to drop two more to get it below nine minutes. i am not happy. not at all. it's taken two weeks of running just to get back to my old "not at all in shape" time.

also, i am a genius at aerospace. perfect scores on all the practise tests. this week shall be devoted to studying leadership.

dinner last night was chinese. pork egg foo young... mmm... also, fried wontons. those are currently in the fridge. i may heat them up for a late lunch. also... i have a cherry coke. this makes me happy. now, to convince mum that my kidneys don't care if i go through 24 cans of soda (of the cherry coke varietal) in two weeks.

i ended up just collapsing into bed at around 2030 last night. woke up once around 0130, debated getting on the computer to say hi to people. i then promptly rolled over and fell back asleep.

to-day, of course, is palm sunday. so, we ended up bringing home quite a few palms. i've got three roses weaved so far, and i'm not too sure what i'll do with the rest. perhaps more roses, or maybe a few crosses. i'm still trying to work out the secrets of this lovely layered palm cross a lady at the church gave to me a few years back. i think i've figured it out, but i don't want to ruin the palms, seeing as they've been blessed.

wednesday we go shopping for easter outfits. what larks. i hate shopping for clothes. nothing that really fits in the waist will fit across my chest or hips. *flips off modern clothing manufacturers*

so, i've had a good weekend. hope everyone else is at least having a passable one.

you may have noticed a lack of capital letters in this post. well, see, people online keep over-using capital letters, so there's a bit of a shortage around these parts. please, people, don't mindlessly abuse your resources. other people need them too. if we keep using capitals at the rate we are now, by the time our grandchildren are born we will have run out of capitals. i know there are currently programmes to help more lowercase letters grow to be capitals, but as soon as the letters mature, it appears that poachers kill them and give them over to people willing to pay to just capitalise wantonly.


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