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Thursday, 11 February 2010 14:14
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My brother is an ass.

Just thought y'all should know this.

God I hope Mom can get in the driveway.

She should be able to; the SUV has handled that amount of snow before just fine.

Just had to move the stuff the snowplows pushed out of the road out of our driveway.

There is an hour of my life I will not get back.

Fuck my back hurts.

If I get yelled at for the driveway not being perfectly clear, I will shoot myself.

I should have known Nik wasn't going to help.

I really should have started work on the driveway sooner.

Mom is going to kill us.

Or yell.


Should have started sooner.

Paragraphs are for people who aren't in as much pain as I am in right now.

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Woke up and the house was 58 bloody degrees Fahrenheit. Turns out that the power went out again at around 0400, after I'd fallen asleep again. Fucking blizzard. Last time I woke up shivering under two blankets, I was in Vermont, in a room where the radiator didn't quite radiate heat. Power just came back on maybe 10 minutes ago; I'm hoping it sticks around. I'm freezing my arse off over here. Hence the lack of eloquence. It's hard to write when you have a metal chassis on your laptop and your fingers are already frozen.

Oh, I did mention an again up there, didn't I? Yeah, power cut out last night. Not sure of the exact time; perhaps someone I was talking to on AIM when it happened can give a more definite answer. Came back... want to say 0200-ish? Yep, somewhen around then.

It's either still snowing or the wind is making snow drift off the rooves and trees around here.

Anyhow, I haven't been around... much at all. I should work on changing that, huh? I know some of you are also experiencing weather issues.

Well, stay warm, y'all.

...Oh bollocks, my paid account expired.

Ah well; I hardly use this thing. Maybe when I do and thus can justify the expense...


Monday, 7 December 2009 13:09
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I am quite possibly the only person who can wake up Sunday morning perfectly healthy (if a bit sore from drill team practise), take a nap Sunday afternoon while waiting for a phone call (that never came), and wake up from that nap with a stuffy nose and a post-nasal drip. Which has only gotten worse today. As in, Mom woke me up when she left for work so I could take medicine to reduce the fever and maybe actually breathe.

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Well, I can say with authority that I am having a far better one than usual thus far. No visiting relatives, and I get to spend my entire day (mostly) sitting around in pajamas and knitting. Aside from the rolls I intend to bake later. Home-made. Hopefully they will be awesome. ::crosses fingers::

Hope everyone's at least having a tolerable day, even if you aren't celebrating National Day of Gluttony Thanksgiving. For those of you that are, may your food turn out delicious and perfectly cooked. For those of you that aren't... well, hopefully your food today turns out the same. XD

In closing, I am a dork, and there will be an update when I make those rolls. (Dunno how many of you went to schools that served awesome rolls in the cafeteria, but they were so nommy at my high school that people would buy lunch on roll days just for the rolls. The cafeteria actually had to limit how many were sold a la carte. I found a recipe for this type of roll. ::GRINS:: )

An open letter

Wednesday, 25 November 2009 14:53
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Dear Unconscious Mind,

You and I both know the glasses go in the same place every damn night so we can find them the next morning. Therefore, why did you find it appropriate to not only place them three feet away from their same damn place, but to then forget about it, so I spend half an hour this morning trying to find them in the usual spot and where they could have fallen from the usual spot, then an hour fussing with contact lenses, then the past two (almost three) wearing the horrid things from boot camp that make my eyes hurt a little and do NOTHING to help my headaches?

Not funny. Next time you think it's a great idea to send me to sleep five hours earlier than you've been, please warn me so I can put our glasses away and not you.

Not so much love right now,



Wednesday, 16 September 2009 19:43
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Dinner tonight? Fucking delicious. It involved bacon. There was no way it could have gone wrong with bacon involved... especially since it was MAPLE bacon. Om nom nom.

So, of course, there was the prior debate of what to have. This debate was conducted at the grocery store, as we really lack in the "dinner foods other than hot dogs and pasta" department. Neither Mom nor I had any ideas. Then there was a little voice. It went, "Bacon! Bacon! Bacon bacon bacon!" It was simply a little kid pointing out bacon to his mother. We get about five steps past, when Mom turns to me and says, "Breakfast?"

"Apparently I'm not the only one who just got a sudden craving for bacon."

Thus, we got bacon. And pancake mix. And eggs. Dinner was cooked. Nik got to clean up because he didn't cook. Oh, and I think I have several nice little burns on my hands from cast iron cookware and bacon grease (and I didn't even cook the bacon ffs). Oh well, I'll live.

A little maple syrup for the pancakes, and life was good.

(Also, seriously, for amazing pancakes from a mix: Add a few glugs of non-alcohol vanilla extract, a pinch of nutmeg, and a few shakes of cinnamon. Go easy on the oil, too. They're fluffier that way. Trust me, though. Vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Be careful with the nutmeg, though. It's easy to add too much.)
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Audrey is a WEIRD kitty.

I just got done bathing and drying her. I think she disliked the indignity of the mesh bag (for ease of controlling and scrubbing her) more than the indignity of the water.

She also submitted willingly to having her fur brushed and blown dry (hairdryer on lowest setting). In fact, she was purring. The entire time (once she was out of the bag).

Insert all jokes about letting the cat out of the bag here.

So, yes, Buggie, that is why I was logged on and not replying to your IMs. I was busy at the fur salon.


Monday, 20 July 2009 12:03
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It's here! Oh happy day my new laptop is here! :D

Now, to let this thing hurry up and charge so I can get to transferring all my crap from the old one over. I am liking the solid state hard drive already. My new laptop (oh, I need to name him) is sooooo much quieter.

...Anyone know how to turn off spell-check in Safari. FFS. ><

Apologies if I ignore y'all for a bit. I haz new toy. :D
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If any of you want to write me while I'm at boot camp, leave a comment here and state whether you'd prefer to receive a letter from me first or if you'd rather my mother send you an e-mail with my address.

I probably won't be posting again after this until I get back from Parris Island.

Good night, and good luck.
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Since my last post didn't seem to garner many responses, (although it's here for those who need to read the rules or would like to participate,) I'm going to move on to my next question.

Please familiarise yourself with the rules if you're new to this discussion.

What are your issues with Sarah Palin being our next Vice President?

Issues may be problems you have or things you think are wonderful about her. I just couldn't think of a better way to phrase this. Also, no discussion of her as President. Leave McCain's mortality out of this.


Friday, 3 October 2008 22:58
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Guess who's a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, effective 3 October 2008?

C'm'on. Guess.


MEPS was a bitch, but this is my happy post, so nyeh.

I did it! I did it! ^o^ YAY!
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Heh, now here's something I've been thinking a lot about.

First, I don't think that such a fuss should be made about things like "In God We Trust" and the mention of God in the Pledge of Allegiance. The one, you don't ever really encounter except on currency and some official seals; the other, well, no one's forcing you to say it. There were a few atheists at my high school who, when we said the Pledge, simply said "...one nation, indivisible...". It's not that hard. If you're the sort of person who gets all ferhoodled when someone else believes in God... well, you need to get over yourself. Plain and simple. Stop stepping on my right to have faith in a higher power of my choosing. Most Americans believe in some form of God. It's not like we're saying "In Jesus We Trust" or "...one nation, under Jesus...". Yes, the general implication is of the Judeo-Christian God, but there's no reason why you can't choose to interpret the mentions of God differently in accordance with your personal beliefs, or just disregard them entirely.

Cut for a tangent. )

Okay, tangent done. Now, where was I? Oh, yes, as far as the whole Ten Commandments at the courthouse thing in Alabama... Well, I don't really have a problem with it, but I can understand why a non-Christian wouldn't want that to be there. So I'm not all outraged that they were told to take that statue down. I'd not be comfortable going into a courthouse where they display Islamic religious strictures, for example, because I want a fair trial based on actual law, not religious dictates, and it's a bit easier for that to happen when there aren't blatant reminders of one religion. (Actually, I wouldn't want to be judged on Judeo-Christian religious strictures either. I just thought it was more pertinent to understanding why someone wouldn't want the Ten Commandments displayed if I looked at it from the perspective of a person going to court and seeing a display of something related to a belief system other than their own.)

As far as marriage... Marriage is, in my opinion, a religious institution and should remain a religious institution. The government should nose out. This is why I'm not for gay marriage, unless the couple is of a religion that allows it. I'm not for straight marriage either when religion isn't involved. Marriage, in every sense of the word, is a religious institution, designed solely for perpetuation of both the human race and the ideology of the religion behind the marriage. That's it. It's not about love. There's a reason that, while love has always been oft spoken of as the true reason to marry, many successful marriages start off more like two people negotiating a business contract. In fact, it used to be that you found a suitable future spouse who would be an asset to your future household and courted them with the intent of making sure they would be a suitable spouse. Then you married, and if the match was good and both partners followed and believed what their religion said about marriage, love would develop, and even if it didn't, the marriage would still be a comfortable arrangement for both parties.

I'm all for civil unions, though. Anyone should be able to get one, gay or straight. There should be no difference in rights and privileges between gay and straight couples. Essentially, what I'd like to see is the government change the legal term "marriage" to "civil union", as it relates to non-religious partnership, and end the kerfuffle. Of course, there'd be no change to the fact that if you have a religious ceremony you should also register it legally. So, someone could potentially have a marriage and a civil union, or just a civil union. I'm not in agreement with the idea that a marriage shouldn't also be made a civil union because recognising the marriage in accordance with the laws confers benefits upon the spouse and possible children that otherwise wouldn't be available, and it is not in the spirit of marriage to not do something that can only benefit your family.

I know I haven't answered the question exactly. Honestly, it's a hard thing to answer. I think there should still be some level of acknowledgement that we, as a nation, have our roots in religion. However, we shouldn't force religion on anyone, force anyone to hide their own religious beliefs because of someone else's, or try and smush together religious institutions with secular ones.
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Won't be around this weekend, except MAYBE on AIM on my phone for a little bit. It's my brother's Ring Weekend (where they get their class rings and have a hop to celebrate) this weekend, so I'll be in New York.

I could have brought my laptop, but I decided against it because I probably won't be anything short of exhausted while I'm at the hotel. That, and I'm running BOINC.

For those of you who live under rocks and don't know about BOINC, it's a program that turns any computer connected to the internet into part of a group computer that can run calculations at the same rate as any of the large supercomputers (rough summary here, I'm not a computer geek).

If you're like me, and worried about what the LHC could do if something goes wrong, I recommend joining LHC@home using BOINC. The entire purpose of LHC@home is to use the power of many computers worldwide to run all the simulations and equations they need to do to calculate their experiments in a fraction of the time it would take if they were limited to the supercomputers and scientific computers. The more they can calculate, the less likely it is that something will go wrong. I urge those of you who can do so to give this program a try.


Monday, 25 August 2008 18:12
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Went to see a Marine Corps recruiter today.

Going to MEPS on Tuesday, 2 September. Won't be online until Wednesday evening.

Will keep you all posted on how things go.

Looks like it'll be a January boot camp for me.
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Normally I dislike watching movies I enjoyed as a child. They rarely seem to withstand the test of time and remain as awesome as they seem in my memory. The special effects seem cheesy and dated, the plot is boring and I tune out during some scenes because they annoy or fail to hold my interest. Simply put, it's very rare that I continue to like a movie after rewatching it years later.

Yet, today I found myself glued to the telly when Apollo 13 came on AMC. I don't know why I decided to finally watch it again, but I'm glad I did. It's just as epic and breathtaking as it was when I was younger, and quite frankly? Even knowing exactly what happened, I was still biting my nails during some scenes, wondering if they were really going to make it or if they'd die. It's really a great piece of cinema that still grips you like that no matter how many times you see it.

Even my mum thinks it's a great movie, and she was almost nine when the events actually happened.

I can't believe it took me so long to rewatch it, really. I could go on and on about what makes it such a fucking awesome movie, but I doubt anyone wants to hear me geek about cinematography and scripting and suchlike.

All I know is this: I NEED THAT SOUNDTRACK.

Also, go watch Apollo 13. Now. I'll wait for you. Go. Watch. Now.
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Why? I asked for rollerblades for my birthday.

It's worth mentioning that my sense of balance is easily pwned by innocuous things like a bit of wind.


I fell really hard today. And unlike the last time I fell hard, where after a minute of just laying there breathing and I was good to go, I'm still in pain.

As in, my fucking arm HURTS. The back of my shoulder is achy, then it travels down to the inside of my elbow and the pain sits there and just throbs a little, my elbow itself is STABBING PAIN even if I don't move it, and my wrist is sore in a dull sort of manner. The pain travels down my forearm if I twist my wrist, and up my upper arm if I bend my elbow enough to push up my glasses.


Damnit, someone remind me to not fall on one arm the next time I go skating.
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Turns out she was pregnant. Just gave birth today, in fact.

So I now have seven cats in this house.

God help me when the baby kittens get old enough to move around...

That said, for those of you who care about the details of the birth:

Five kittens. One a definite calico, one that looks mostly black and white but may yet be calico, two grey tabbies, and one orange tabby. And they all fit in the palm of my hand, and I'm a little worried because Audrey did not freak out when I moved the kittens away from the door she gave birth next to. Aren't mommy cats supposed to not like people touching the newborns?
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I'm not going to be on for a lot this coming week. Going to Oregon. Will give plenty of details as time allows (sorry, but family gets dibs on my internet time).


Monday, 9 June 2008 01:09
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There are days, most days, when I am proud to be a relatively conservative, traditional Catholic.

And then there are days where I am ashamed to be even Christian because of such WONDROUS pages as this one.

Reading that page, as well as it's related ones, have made me angry beyond words. That is the sort of misinformation that leads people to believe the Church is misogynistic and all for men ruling everything and women being silent little servants to the whims of men. In actuality, it is INCREDIBLY misandrist in it's translation of everything being, "Oh, women must always think of the poor, weak men and how they will be driven to lust at the mere sight of a woman!". Fuck. That. Shit. Men are just as responsible for their thoughts and deeds as women are. Likewise, women aren't so bloody special that a man dressed immodestly won't incite feelings of lust in them. I think that pisses me off the most; the implication from the author of this page that it is only women who must concern themselves with modest dress because they incite the men to lust, and that it isn't possible for it to be the other way around.

Ask me how often I have heard a woman being muttered about in church for wearing a sleeveless dress that is otherwise quite modest and dignified, yet there are no complaints about the men who wear shorts and t-shirts beyond that their clothing is perhaps too casual and they should wear a dressier shirt? Just ask.

Can you say double standard?

While you're at it, you can ask me about sports at school, and how all the men were "allowed" to practise in shorts that were practically falling off their hips and no shirts whatsoever, yet girls would get yelled at for wearing a tank top to practise in. I can tell you that the girls were too busy cat-calling the boys to practise much, and when the girls finally were allowed to wear tank tops for practise? Not ONE of the boys commented on it. In fact, the boys rarely made untoward comments to the girls when they were dressed for sports practise, and when one coach required the boys to wear shirts and properly fitting shorts at practises? The girls stopped objectifying them and cat-calling.

Certainly women do need to be responsible with their dress. However, men have that SAME responsibility to dress modestly. If they cannot take it upon themselves to dress in a manner dignifying themselves, then who are they to decry a woman for dressing even slightly immodestly? If Church leaders will not impress upon men that they too ought to dress in a modest manner, then they ought to shut up about how women dress and how it is the fault of women that society is going down the drain. If they claim that men and women are equal in Christ, then should the standards not be equal as well? A woman is only more sacred than a man in that a woman has the possibility of bringing a child forth into the world. Beyond that, a woman is a human being, a woman is fallible, and it should not be the responsibility of woman alone to make sure a man does not think sinful thoughts. There are men out there who, no matter HOW a woman is dressed or how she conducts herself, will think sinful thoughts about women. Likewise, there are women who will think sinful thoughts about men no matter what the man does or wears.

There is a good reason why there are those who proclaim Christianity as being degrading towards women. When you have many men interpreting Scripture to only apply modesty towards women and make it the job of women to control men's thoughts, it IS degrading to women. It also degrades men. It is worth noting that Jewish and Muslim culture enforce modesty for BOTH sexes, yet modern Christianity is peculiarly focused on women and their modesty at the expense of male modesty. In fact, another point worth mentioning is that even the same Christians who decry the Taliban and similar extremist regimes for forcing an extreme standard of modesty upon women, yet allow a relaxed amount of modesty for men (although nowhere near as relaxed as in modern Christianity), as being sexist and extremely misogynistic for placing sole responsibility on the woman for a man's actions will then turn around and expound at length on how women must be modest in attire whilst ignoring that the same Scriptures can and indeed DO apply to men as well.

Of course, no discourse on female modesty can go by without bringing up the fact that women ought not to wear pants or similarly "male" attire. Yet those same Christians who insist women not wear pants lest it bring about the downfall of society because men do not respect women anymore seem to have absolutely no complaints about the kilt, for example. And what is the kilt but a skirt? Yes, there is the tradition behind the kilt of being a man's article of clothing, however, that is besides the point. It is still, fundamentally, a skirt. Likewise, at the time the Bible was being written, both men and women wore the same basic style of clothing. Robes, tunics, that ilk. The difference between the clothing was a matter of cut, decoration, and such. Even in modern times this holds true. Is not the cut, fabric, and decoration for a men's dress shirt different from a women's, even if they are both long-sleeved buttondown shirts? Is not the cut of a kilt different from the cut of a knee length A-line skirt? As such, it stands to reason that pants can be worn by women, it is just more proper that they be of a different styling than men's pants.

I will say now that I do not tend to wear women's clothing as it is all too often ill-fitting or too revealing for my body, and that I really can't afford to tailor all my clothes to fit right, so it is just simpler to buy men's clothing. Is this proper? I would say that it is better to be modest than it is to be concerned about the exact cut of clothing.

The argument concerning pants then leads to the argument that men do not respect women who wear pants. I suppose men who hold views as I have decried and argued against in this rant would not respect a woman in pants, yet the majority of men I know respect me MORE when I am wearing pants and work shirts than when I wear skirts and pretty blouses. Certainly it surprises them to see me dressed in a more feminine manner, but I am treated no differently when I dress in a very feminine manner than when I dress in a more masculine manner. In some instances, I am treated BETTER when I dress in a masculine manner as I am not subjected to comments on how "sexy" I look and how I have such a "lovely hourglass figure". Those comments have come not when I am wearing a relatively tight fitting women's polo shirt and low-rise jeans, but when I am wearing an Air Force Class A uniform with the skirt instead of pants. Essentially, I am wearing a wool suit. Such comments come far less frequently when I wear male clothing.

The males in question who made such comments about me in both a suit and in male clothing support my belief that there are men out there who simply will not respect a woman no matter how she is attired. Such men should still be treated courteously and attempts should be made to correct their disrespectful view of women (as indeed should such views of men be corrected when held by women), yet the fact that there are men who are disrespectful no matter what should not mean that women should not wear pants or suits. Again, I point to the fact that I receive far less disrespectful comments when in more masculine attire.

Anecdotal data aside, in the end it simply comes down to how a person acts. Men do not respect women just because they wear dresses. They respect women who have respect for themselves. This is why I am treated more respectfully in male attire than some of my female peers are when dressed in female attire. I respect myself. I do not let people push me around and lord their strengths over me. I stand my ground. I act in a fashion appropriate to the situation, yet do not compromise on my morals or myself. I do not pander to anyone's sensibilities.

The entire point of modesty in attire is as an outward display of self-respect. Indeed, it is those with the MOST self-respect who dress modestly, not because of any Scripture or law but because they CHOOSE to. Part of gaining self-respect is to control how you are perceived by others, and modest attire is an easy way to begin creating more positive perceptions. This was recognised by the writers of the Bible because it is a natural law, something fundamental across all cultures that, whatever their idea of proper attire, one ought to wear that as respect for the self and the creator(s).

All considered, I'm sure it's plain to see why that page got my goat. It simply perpetuates some very sexist notions that I would like to think, as a society that recognises more and more the equality granted to the sexes by God (whether society recognises God or not is not the point), would be considered outdated and receiving of much scorn and contempt. Yet these notions are perpetuated by the same people who scorn more extreme versions of the same notions in other cultures.

Really, this is a case where it is plain to see men and women are equal (yet different, and such differences should be respected, but that's another rant entirely), and should be held to the same standards wherever applicable.

Now, don't get me started on contraception. Or the overemphasis on the headship of men. Or women in the military, particularly when discussed by those who have no freaking idea.
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Ever have the utterly irrational and implausible feeling that no matter what you do and how hard you try, everyone and everything is passing you by and you're just sitting there, static and unchanging?

Ever just want to yell and scream and push people away over stupid shit like saying "Oh?" in response to something you've said?

Ever get the even more irrational and in fact impossible feeling that God/the universe hates your guts and is just continuing your existence for the lols?


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